The Training of Nikki Darling, Day Two

Day 2 Trainer’s Report

The Training Curriculum

Training Principles:

  • Humility
  • Dilegence
  • Authenticity

Training Goals:

  • To more fully submit
  • Erotisize obedience – make her wet to obey

Training Objectives:

  • Ego down
  • Use new ways to process pain
  • Stop squirming
  • to perform a slave dance

Training rules:

  • Use sir every time
  • Slither away like a worm
  • Permission to orgasm
  • Give thanks for beatings

Homework assigned:

  • Read and comment on article “The Molecular Chemistry of Lethersex”, by Geoff Mains

Training Narrative:

I Humility in Labor:

– relates to principle Dilegence

coiling the rope. She estimates 48 hours to complete the task!

II Cock Tease:

– relates to objective Slave Dance

gimp vet wrapped to electric chair. BJ scene where she dances to get the dick hard, and then she sucks it while being single tailed.

III The Quiz:

– relates to objective Stop squirming

she is tied to a box, pussy and ass open. Fucked in the ass with a ribbed butt plug till begging to come, and is denied. Plug is tied in, and gimp licks and sucks her pussy.
She is then quizzed on her homework: a book report on Story of O.
her nipples are clamped and tied to the ceiling. She is tapped with a cane and starts to cry, overwhelmed.

IV The Reward:

– relates to objective Stop squirming

– relates to her orgasms doggie style

She deserves to be fucked like a dog. She thanks us for the vigorous fuck with a volley of sharp barks. Good dog. Now get the cum.