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Cock Service Salon

When newbie slave Coral Aorta is put in charge of the senior slave Beretta James, Beretta has all night to plot her revenge on the nubile plebe. The pair of house slaves are tasked with maintaining tonight’s Upper Floor Cock Service party and given specific orders to start out the night:
- Fluff the Featured Performance of Veruca and Mickey Mod’s sex scene by keeping the cock hard and the pussy wet all night

- Keep the trays of food and beverage circulating on schedule

- Engage the house guests in the evenings activities.

They start out with their nipples clamped and a vibrator on a tray. The first slave to convince a house guest to give them an orgasm gets their clamps removed. Guess who wins?

As the night progresses the guests are turned on by the hot fucking and sucking of Veruca and Mod. The guests’ dicks and pussies come out, and the room fills with BDSM and sex. The bartender admits that she cannot help but orgasm uncontrollably when her nipples are played with, so everyone suddenly wants to tip the bartender’s tits!

Beretta is berated by the newbie Coral all night, and takes all the punishments for both slaves infractions throughout the night. As Veruca experiences her 31st orgasm, the night begins to draw to a close. But not before Beretta turns the tables on Coral in a hot strap-on scene. With the help of beautiful and bootyful Penny Barber, Coral is fucked into submission, and Beretta reclaims her role as senior slave on the Upper Floor.

STRANGERS GET HANDSY: A SLUTTY redhead gets DP’d by dicks on sticks in PUBLIC!

True submissive and anal whore, Claire Robbins, is pussy clamped, clothes pinned, flogged and fucked all over this haberdasher!! A group of very handsy men take Claire for a ride as she is doubly penetrated with dicks on sticks and touched all over by the nasty greedy grabbies of complete strangers. Claire’s dick hungry mouth finds a cock it’s never met before and it slides right down her throat. She proceeds to have her cattle prodder virginity taken and is pushed to the MAX by the beautiful and ruthless, Lorelei Lee. You can try this slut on, but you can’t take her home! The true owner of her holes is Karlo who fills them up to his every delight.

A SHOCKING ANAL POUNDING available at a retailer near you.

Proxy Paige vs Orlando

Scene 1
Proxy is bound standing bent in a stripper like pose, tits out – ass out. Orlando takes advantage of her round booty and canes her ass. Nipple clamps stretched out and tied. Inflatable anal dildo. Made to orgasm. He primes her up, ripening the cunt for her next predicament.

Scene 2
Bitch is bound uncomfortably on a box and blindfolded. Hot wax is painfully administered to her body. Tweezers-style clamps are added to her nipples, and one extremely painful clamp added to her clit. Tormented with poky sticks, her ass and pussy are rammed at the same time with thick dildos.

Scene 3
Straddle splayed on the floor, the whore is on display for the taking. Her head is held down and her mouth, affixed to a pipe. She has little to no wiggle room and is completely helpless while Orlando violates this bitches’ holes.

FIFTY SEVEN ORGASMS – And Yes, she is still Alive.

Casey Calvert lost her virginity at 21 years old. She is now 22. In that short year, she has started porn and today, she makes up for lost orgasm time with FIFTY SEVEN ORGASMS.
She is incredible. Casey squirts while a thick cock fucks her ass – bursting cum with each thrust of the machine. She shutters, she sings (remember how Isis would hold a note while cumming?), she finally taps out. It only took 5 machines and 57 orgasms to make it happen. Making up for lost sexy time indeed!
Casey is easily in our Hall of FuckingMachines Fame and in the top 100 best shoots of all time.

Princess Donna Gangbanged – Part 1

Welcome to the first installment of the most hardcore gangbang that has probably ever been shot! Princess Donna, resident dominatrix, webmaster, creator and director of lives out her fantasies on camera for all to see. Stay tuned for Part 2!!!

Asking for Punishment!

Casey Calvert is into kinky sex but she doesn’t know how to tell Xander Corvus on their first date together. With an uncontrollable desire to be dominated, she begins to act up, making a mess and breaking things at his house. He soon catches on to this game and decides to give her all the punishment and rough bondage sex she craves. Casey endures rough manhandling, face slapping, choking, face fucking, hard pounding in bondage, punishing clitoris vibrating, ass hook, gags and anal sex!

Polish Babe love fucked until Squirt Burst out of Her Pussy

We’re lucky to have one half of the Starr Sisters here to show why these Polish twins are amazing. Natasha Starr is a lean, tall, hot blond with all natural tits and a need for fast fucking.
The machine cock will not slow down for her orgasms – instead Natasha must let her squirt burst out of her pussy with every thrust of the machines. She shoots cum out all over the cock, Tells the Sybian it sucks at getting her off, and goes back to hard core pounding with The Fucksall to really finish her off.

Electro Ass Fucking for Bailey Blue!

Bailey Blue is sexy as hell and sweet as a button. That blonde hair, her blue eyes, and her slender tight body makes her the perfect subject for Goddess Aiden Starr’s electro games. Today Bailey better have brought a willing and fuckable asshole because the Goddess is not impressed when a submissive does not prepare all available holes. Strapped down on her tummy straddling a skinny saw horse, Bailey’s ass is presented on a platter of electro-anal-sex!

The Training of an Anal Slut, Day One

Penny Pax loves it in the ass, and I am considering turning her into my little anal slut. Does she have the right stuff?

I the Hydra:

The Hydra is a seven headed beast.

She is tied to the ceiling and made to balance on a 4×6 beem in heels. Her asshole is stuffed with a thick black plug on a stick, and her cute dress is cut to exposed her tits. She is handed a bucket of clothes pegs and twine, and told to put a 50 peg zipper on herself. Then, the Hydra is introduced. Seven hitachis all bundled together are pressed to her tiny cunt. The sound of seven vibes fills the room. Then I start asking questions.

II Key in a Haystack:

She is put into chains, taken to a 6 foot stack of hay and told to find the key. She is too slow, and she frustrates me. She is dragged around the set by the nipple in search of the non-existant key. This game begins to bore me and I decide it is more amusing to put her into various stress postions and extract training rules from her. She is quickly overwhelmed and begins to cry. I take pity on her, and put her in the corner with a bucket on her head, and tell her to whistle me a tune while I set up the next scene.

III All Pussies Must be Shaved:

Some prospective training goals and a couple of rules begin to take shape. We just need to get a read on the intensity of her orgasms and finalize the evolving curriculum.

She is tied securely to a hard wooden exam table, her thighs held open, and her labia pinned back to completely expose that wet, pink little clit. I turn a hose on it, the stream of water


- Bio of Emiliy Post
- Post’s definition of etiquette

This update contains: Anal training, butt plugs, pussy vibrating, erotic manual labor, stress positions, rope bondage, water torment, feet cropping, bastinado

Charley Chase used like a piece of meat

Huge strap-on cocks + intense electrical predicaments + Charley Chase’s perfect tits bound tight and shocked with electricity + lesbian domination + girl/girl pussy and ass licking + multiple mind blowing orgasms = this weeks Wiredpussy update!